Welcome to the home of the genuine Reska Library Shelving system

Reska Library Shelving is the most popular Library Shelving System in the world

Reska was developed in 1949 by Rudolph Koreska in Denmark. Like all good design, the essential cantilever structure has remained basically the same through the years. Testament to the fundamental soundness of the system are the thousands of installations in libraries around the world.

As demands from libraries - of all types - have changed the system itself has developed, most recently with the introduction of a completely new, textured, anti-bacterial finish to all the steel surfaces Activecoat®. As well as its anti-bacterial properties the finish has a slip-resistant effect, keeping shelves tidier.

In recent times we have increasingly been asked to add graphic and coloured panels to the system - this often has the effect of completely changing the overall look of the product. Some images of installations are featured in our RESKA brochure.

We are confident that  RESKA continues to be an essential ‘building-block’ for the modern library, adaptable to a variety of interiors - at a more than affordable price.  Please contact us for more information.