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Our lockers is powder coated, with the unique ACTIVE-COAT® hygienic, hard wearing and anti-bacterial 99.9% REDUCTION OF MRSA, E-COLI & BACTERIA for the life of the coating, inhibiting infection in the public domain.

Our lockers are supplied by one of Europe's largest manufacturers of lockers. The following sections will guide you through this extensiverange of versatile locker cabinets, manufactured in Europe to the highest standards. You can be sure to find a locker to suit your or your company needs. From a single locker to lockers specilly designed and child-proof for educational institutions. What about a locker made of clear polycarbonate doors for extra security. All products are available through a network of professional dealers throughout Europe.

Oue lockers are designed and manufactured in the EU. To ensure you as a user, we have achieved these quality accreditations :

  • BS 4680:1996 'Standard Duty' (excluding size specification)

  • ISO 9001:2000

  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004

  • AHealth & Safety certification OHSAS 18001
  • CUBE LOCKER. Use these handy lockers as multi-purpose storage units. Offered in three standard sizes they are supplied pre-drilled for bolting together in blocks as needed.

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    Low cupboard (Code: 40DDWSGI)
    2 .998,75 DKK
    Netto: 2 .399,00 DKK
    Incl. 25 % TAX
    Weight: 36 Kg.
    Delivery time: Approx. 4 weeks
    Low cupboard
    Golf top locker Type A (Code: Golf/A/511518)
    1 .615,00 DKK
    Netto: 1 .292,00 DKK
    Incl. 25 % TAX
    Delivery time: Approx. 4 weeks
    Golf top locker Type A. Dimensions: bredde = 380 mm, dybde = 460 mm, højde = 1300mm.
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